My Short Term Furnished Apartment in Austin Offered Me An Enviable Stay!

My number one choice for an accommodation in Austin TX is a short term furnished apartment in Austin. Their flexible rates, plethora of space and amenities attracted me to their short-term housing. I enjoyed staying at a short term furnished apartment in Austin and hope more individuals choose the brief housing as their go to option.

Although the house was spacious and I will further go into detail later, the first feature of my short term furnished apartment in Austin that became apparent quickly was their smart location. Apartment and Relocation Center located their short term furnished apartments in Austin only steps away from the thriving city of Austin TX.  It was near plenty of bars, restaurant, shopping malls, and tourist destination only fifteen minutes away.  For those who did not bring or rent a car had access to public transportation five minutes away.

I also enjoyed the splendid amenities Apartment and Relocation Center provided me.  Once I stepped into my short term furnished apartment in Austin, I was amazed by how clean and well maintained my temporary home was.  Short term furnished apartments in Austin was layered and gifted with fast speed Internet, in unit washer and dryer, cable T.V., fully equipped kitchen, and more.

I heard Apartment and Relocation Center was well known for their friendly customer service but I didn’t believe until my own experience.  During my duration of my visit, I had a insignificant incident of a light bulb burning out.  I reached out to Apartment and Relocation Center about my problem at my short term furnished apartmens in Austin.

Within five minutes, an employee showed up and fixed the problem right away. That is how I know Apartment and Relocation Center values their customer highly.  I can see through their customer service, even for their smallest task they would regard it as if it were the biggest disaster and figured out the problem.

The last features I loved to take advantage of was the short term furnished apartments in Austin community facilities.  Not only did my short term furnished apartment in Austin have the most comfortable and spacious home, but also offered me things to do such as swimming, playing tennis, hanging out with local people, or just lounging around in the rest area.  It came in handy when I was too lazy to actually commute to Austin TX area to do something.

–Apartment and Relocation Center invites you to contact them at or call 800-462-7138 for assistance with all your short term furnished apartments in Austin needs.–

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