A Vacation Of My Dreams Was Made Possible Thanks To Extended Stay Hotels Medford!

I knew I needed a break when I began to despise going to work almost every day. I decided to take the leap and go on a vacation for a month.  I knew what I was getting myself into and I was thankful that Furnished Living made it possible for me to be comfortable in an extended stay hotel Medford while I explored Medford OR area.

For me, I prefer a corporate home rather than a hotel room any day because of my fully accommodated stay in an extended stay hotel Medford.  All extended stay hotels Medford are furnished with a fully functional living space I get to enjoy all to myself.

The price as well isn’t as complicated as a hotel room. The rates are depended upon the size of your extended stay hotel Medford and the length of stay.  Just contact Furnished Living and your leasing agent to discuss the terms for the stay.  My extended stay hotel Medford also was the right choice because they offered separate living spaces, full kitchen, and laundry unit.

My favorite part about my extended stay hotel Medford was the comforts of being at home that Furnished Living provided for the whole month.  At times when I was exhausted from sightseeing or visiting museums in Medford OR area, it was a relief to just plop down on a bed and just relax.

On days when I was too lazy to get out and do anything, I would take care of myself instead to focus on myself. The extended stay hotel Medford was the perfect positive environment for the self-care days. Furnished Living provided each client access to community features.  When I needed to exercise and give care to my body, I was able to with the outdoor lap pool.  On days when I needed to recover socially, I could hang out at the arcade/lounge area to make new connections and expand my network.

Compared to other hotels I stayed at in the past, Furnished Living was the best option for convenient location. My extended stay hotel Medford was close to all business districts, downtown’s attractions and bars, and anything else a traveler needed.  There were public transportation options available and if an individual desired to rent a car they could because extended stay hotels Medford has an underground parking space.

–Furnished Living invites you to contact them at http://www.furnishedliving.comor call 800-607-4846 for assistance with all your extended stay hotel Medford needs. —

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